Monday, May 11, 2009

Jeeps, Gigi's and Ice Cream!!!

Looking out from our deck you can see the Rock House Ice Cream store...during the summer the place is so crowded if you didn't know better you would think it is a bar/icehouse.
Tonight was the first time we got to use the Jeep for which it was haul our Grandkids down to the Rock House for an ice cream cone...Linda had a hard time climbing in the back seat...but she eventually made it!

Here is the place to be in Palmer Lake in the summer!

Kaleb has the right idea...

Life is good in Palmer Lake!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Playing at the Family of Christ Lutheran Men's Retreat

On May 3-5...Matt and I atttended our church's (Family of Christ Lutheran in Monument, CO) Men's Retreat. This is the where we worshipped on Sunday...God's Living Breathing Catherdral...what a place to worship the Almighty Living God!!

A good part of Saturday we spent playing...HARD!!!

I am not fond of heights at all...especially hanging off a rope...but, I did conquer my fears and actually began to enjoy rappelling! (I was told that the rope could hold the weight of a small car...which I figured weighed much more than the 220lbs I am packing)

They say not to look down..."if i die...I want to know where it will be"...

Peice of cake...

Matt spent allot of time at the shooting range...this is the only picture I had a chance to take of him.

This is where we spent most of our time...4X4...4 WHEELIN!! When ever you (whoever is reading this) come to Colorado...this is what we will be doing!!

Matt and ME...doing what puts smiles on our faces!!!

When we were parking...Pastor Dyer told us to turn our wheels as far to the left as they would go...didn't know why until he ran his jeep up on my tire!!!

That is how it is done!

Have tires...will travel...this was fun!! Matt and I slapped "High Fives" after is allot steeper than it looks!

A friend of mine tested the suspension...I am ready for any potholes that come my way!!!