Thursday, October 7, 2010

Telluride...I tell you there is no other place like it!

Every year for the past 5 we have spent out leaf peeping out in Western Colorado outside of  Telluride at  Trout Lake.
and every year we have missed the peak colors by 1 to 2 weeks....either too early or too late.
This year... we were on the money! Perfect!
The autumn colors of Colorado....God sure can paint!! Trout Lake canvas!
This is not the house we stayed in but the colors framed the house for a great shot!
Gigi is a goof off!
Good friends from our neighborhood. Rich, Bruce, Marti and Gigi!
Brilliant colors!
Part of the Palmer Lake Hiking Club!

The Gigi Sherpa...leading the pack!
Camera standoff with Rich....cameras at 30 paces!

See how I blend into nature....

Trout Lake through the trees....

Click on the picture....check out my droplets....
The house in the trees is where we stay!