Monday, June 29, 2009


This is the Great Sand Dunes National Preserve outside of Alamosa, CO...this is a "one of a kind" place where their are mountains, desert (dunes), and a marsh/bog all in one place and all dependent on each other. Eddie and I took a day out to see what it was all about...
The dunes are surrounded by Medano Creek...which in turn creates a beach like atmoshere...Kids were playing in the creek, building sand castles...people were barbqing...throwing frisbee's...the creek was only 2 inches chance of drowning!!... great place to bring the family...and it was only 70 degrees!

Yeah that is right...Eddie wanted to go to the top...officially the highest sand dune in North America!

We checked this one off the list and added it to the resume'.

Dared Eddie to do a belly slide...he wimped out.

Sand filled my shoes to the point I had no other rooms for my toes...we soon left and jeeped our way out over Medano Pass to Westcliffe...and then to home...8 hours in a Jeep is tough!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


My brother too much! So we put a week on the calendar and disappeared in the the wilds of the Colorado High Country...our destination...Grizzly of Independence Pass...Hwy 82 on the way to Aspen, CO.

We packed the Jeep and busted a move!
My camera overexposed most of these pics...but you can see we had the choice spot and were practically the only ones in the campground ... elevation...10,500 feet.

Grizzly Reservoir is a high altitude fishing destination...

We camped about 20 yds from this box fan could match the sounds of a mountain stream!!! Slept in practically a coma...first night it was 32 the tent!

The road to the Ruby Mine and Ghost Town was we set out for a 11 mile hike roundtrip...never got there...turned around after 4 miles when we saw dark clouds and heard thunder...not my idea of fun getting caught on a mountain at 11,000 feet...with lightening.

This is a time exposure we took of the reservoir at dusk. Stars were as abundant as what Abraham saw...incredible viewing at 10,500 ft.

Here is a general area of where we went...Jeep roads to get there!!! And I have a Jeep!

One of the mining ghost towns we went to...there are allot of them and a great destination to Jeep to.
On our way home we took a Jeep trail to get over Taylor Pass...

Stopped to take a picture...

Before we ran into snow covering the trail...this is almost July folks!

Eddie is 6'3"...behind this snow bank... it looked like clear sailing to the top... but we had to go back from where we came!!

I am on the road...a fair ways below...we had to back the Jeep up about 200 yards on a single, rocky trail...Eddie directed me down...that way only one of us dies if we go over the edge!!

Marmot's live above the tree-line...

Beaver dam...
Eddie inspecting how much damage on the guardrails...amazing they held with the pounding they take.
At Indepedence Pass...another over exposed picture...I need lessons!

We are official!
When we got back we took a trail near the house that I never been on...and found this waterfall!

A view from about half way up the cliff...

Lightening and rain again had us off the mountain in record time...

We are already planning next year...a longer, more daring, adventure trip...around the campfire we were talking about the day we can bring Kaleb, Grayson, Kaden and their Dads on a Mancation!!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009



Introducing: AF Second Lieutenant Charles Bernard Kennedy

Four years ago at the suggestion of our good friends Rick and Joni Costa, we joined the "Sponsor a Cadet" program at the Air Force Academy. We picked up our freshmen cadet...Charlie...and now it is that go by fast.

Little did we know that Charlie would become a close friend of the close he and Katelin started dating about 8 months ago...don't they look fabulous!!

Charlie showing off his new stripes at the commssioning ceremony!

Jarod, Charlie and Brandon were roomies at the AFAC...and will be also at Flight School in Columbus MS for the next 2 years...

Here we are at the Air Force commissiong ceremony...which was followed by the Air Force Ball later that night...pretty classy venue!

Charlie with his parents, sister and grandparents....all who flew in from Memphis!

Charlie and his roomate Brandon....right after the parade.

Katelin is very proud of Charlie...these two look great together don't they.....

It was a cloudy, cold and wet day for the parade....

On May 27, 2009 Charlie graduated from the Air Force Academy...

The ending to every graduation is when the graduates throw their hats up in the air and the Thunderbirds fly over...a very choreographed moment...of which I missed!!! I had know idea from where the Thunderbirds would approach...
These shots were taken from our family friend...Tim Skrastins of Image Factory Photo... ...he is an amazing photographer!

These pictures were taken by another family friend...Ken Cross...I used theirs because mine did not turn out so well.