Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sharing time with TimeShare Junkies

Gigi in Mexico for a well-deserved rest...tired of the snow and cold...needs a break from the amonia scent and loaded diapers...and to charge her batteries for what lies ahead!! Fall Semester here she comes...3 grandboys at the Insurance Consultants Int'l Daycare...maybe we take another vacation before then...make sure she is really ready!!

Puerto Vallarta is our favorite place...great beaches...great food...great people!! and allot of things to do...

We exchanged a week of our time share for the Villa del Palmar Flamingoes...swapped them a studio for a one bedroom lockoff...sweet you will see...sweet hotel.

Our room overlooked the pool...

We took this trip with our TimeShare Bandits...Bobby and Oxana...and you guessed it...went to a few timeshare presentations to get some nice excursions for free and discounts.

Oxana looking festive and fabulous...Bobby not so much!!

Mariachi Band...don't we see this in San Antonio?

The famous Tequila glow!

Next day we took a large catamaran out to a dinner on the beach and a show that night in the jungle called Rhythm of the Nights...
Didn't realize Kyle was here too...keep the dream Kyle...your vision has you in one of these someday!
Here is our host...greeting us for dinner.
Spectacular setting for a romantic dinner...there were about 300 tables...set on terraces built into the landscape...these are on the beach.

My beautiful "Leeenda" looking fantastic and well rested and ready for the evening...this kind replaces her need to get outdoors and go camping.

Bob Wiggins...a business man from the states we met...he and his wife Oxana joined us for dinner...looking a bit tight though cause he didn't have his cell phone to do a deal!

Here is the set of the show...(no cameras allowed during the show)...we fully expected the re-enactment of a Mayan sacrifice...we offered Oxana...she is the youngest and newest one here.

Some of the dancers...

We went to Sayulita and San Francisco...small fishing villages north of the town there is what is called the Iguana tree...can you spot them perched on top of the tree?

Big ones....

Sayulita is the bomb...great little village that has turned into a tourist site...quaint and has allot of charm...

One of the things I am kicking myself over is not having a camera for the zip-lining. Last trip they didn't allow cameras so I didn't take will have to take my word...we did it.

Zip-Lining over the Veranos River at 600-700 ft...insanely fun...
this picture is off their website...we were much higher at times.
On the second to highest line...about 600 ft over the river...I went backwards with a guide and he encouraged me to dangle upside down as we zipped over the river...I am now ready for the
200 ft free rappell at the Mens Retreat next week...bring it on!!

Next trip...coming soon!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Skiing with your Daughter!!

Katelin and I hit the slopes on one of the most beautiful days a father could spend with his daughter...fresh snow, spring weather, and incredible sunshine. Now that she has another man in her life (yeah that Charlie fella) I want to try and get in as much as I can before she becomes Mrs Kennedy...
She is still my little girl and always will be!!!