Sunday, April 10, 2011

Air Force WIngs!

 Over the next 2 months we will attend 4 graduations....Andrea will get her Bachelors for U of Colorado , Pueblo on May 7th....Katelin will graduate from U of Colorado, Colorado Springs on May 20th and Matt from U of Phoenix on June 18th....and the first one we attended on April 8th....Charlie's graduation from Pilot School at the Air Force base in Columbus, MS.
 This day was made for Charlie! A culmination of a childhood dream and years of academic focus to not only be selected to attend the Air force Academy in Colorado Springs, but to earn a spot to become an Air Force Aviator!
Katelin is super proud of her future husband!

Charlie receiving his WINGS!

Katelin pinning Charlie with HIS WINGS!
This is the jet Charlie trained in

 This is the one he will fly....a C5 Galaxy....the military's largest aircraft.....
6 stories high and a football field long. It has 28 wheels!
 Charlie and Katelin will be stationed at Travis AFB, in California....right next to Napa Valley and San Francisco!  Can you say..."We are coming to visit!"
We are proud of both Charlie and Katelin!

Charlie made a us a wall sized plaque to show his appreciation for sponsoring him from the Academy....we were a part of his dream!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Christmas Dinner 2010

All the Robinson family descended on Palmer Lake for Christmas 2010...with everyone dispersing throughout the country and potentially overseas (Charlie and Katelin)....we cherish the time celebrating Christmas!
 Gigi and her Grand boys....Grayson, Kaden and Kaleb!
 We invited the several couples from the neighborhood and filled the main dining room table!!
And the Kids....still sitting at the kids table!! Ha!
Gigi and her little girls!! These 3 are you can see they are best friends....what a blessing!
" Lil' G" (Grayson)...taking a moment to accomodate the paparazzi!
Katelin giving Grandma some love!!
 Little "k-Dawg" putting his Daddy to sleep!!!
 The newest member of the Robinson family....Charlie!!! He is about to take my little girl away!!
 Matt working the kitchen....
Charlie showing off the gift Katelin bought him...look like she is giving him his space!

Great Grandpa putting the squeeze on "Lil' G"!
The original recipe!!!
 Uncle Eddie made it for the first few days but had to go back to Houston to work the emergency call shift....
 Grandpa and his boys!
 And his Granddaughters!
 Grandma and Grandpa and their Great-Grand Boys....and great they are!!
 My boys!!! Allot of beef here....don't mess with us!
 The family blessed we are! Incredible, unbelievable, indescribable beyond words....
 Papi having fun!
Gigi loving on her little man Kaleb...he is a special boy!
 Kyle and his family....good looking boys....beautiful wife!
Grandpa took to wrestling with Grayson....and had him giggling beyond control....great time!!1