Thursday, July 30, 2009


The world's population was added to this morning at around 6:00 am July 30th...Grandson #3 reporting for duty!!! Congratulations Kyle, Andrea and Kaleb!!!

Got his ski hat on...ready to "bust-a-move"!!

He is I really want to be out here...or back in there!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Playing in the Rocks

Saturday's Jeeping destination was Eagle of Gold Camp Road...we heard there were some great Jeep Trails to be had...

My partner in crime...My son-in law Matt...he loves to play in the rocks!!

Along for the ride...Pastor Dyer, his son Cooper (what a trooper...fell alseep through parts of the trip) and Josh...,

We made this run....allot of fun!!

Pastor Dyer loves to climb his Jeep on stuff...balanced on 2 wheels....

Matt getting stuck...high centered for a moment....this is why you put in Rock Sliders!

Downhill ....

Pastor Dyer squeezing through!


Matt' sTexas Ranger imitation...(from Talledega Nights)!

Airing up the tires for the ride home!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Colorado Camping and Jeeping---Gigi style!!

We have been working non-stop during our busiest time of the we decided to get away over to SnoMass Village (near Aspen)...Gigi's idea of camping!! Got a great deal on this campsite right in the middle of the village!!! Thank you Priceline!!
Many of our conversations were about our grandsons....Kaleb, Grayson and Kaden (soon to make his appearance)...Gigi will have her hands full!!!

One thing we like to do back home is go to the Farmer's market on weekends...Aspen was having one too...

Selling furs at Farmer's Market...really!
The Maroon Bells...the most photographed scene in Colorado...This is definitely where the angels hang out...till God deploys them.
Surrounding mountains almost made the area feel like a cathedral!

At Maroon Bells...we met some climbers who scaled the North Bell...amazing! No it wasn't us!

I broke my sun/fishing glasses...too cheap too buy the $100 Aspen specials....Linda lent me a pair of her Elton John signatures...

We took the Richmond Hill Jeep Trail on our way to traverse Taylor Pass...the snow was gone and the wildfowers were everywhere...even at 11,000 feet...

Check out the cabin/house toward the bottom of this picture...this is where God actually lives!

Gotta love these views...

Nothing like a jeep trail to the top...

What is left of the snow looks like sandtraps on a golf course...

On our way to 12,600 feet!

This is a picture of the Jeep Trail that Eddie and I had to turn back due to snow covering the road 3 weeks earlier...Richmond Hill Trail hugs the ridge up top...

High alpine mountain lakes....great spots for camping...who wants to go with me?

On the east side of the pass...that is where the fun began!!!

What I love about she is willing to do what I want to do...SHE MUST LOVE ME!

Our version of a Chriopractic adjustment......come to Colorado and will take care of you!

I have a 4WD Jeep Trail book...Richmond Hill Trail and Taylor Pass...checked them off the list!

Summer is almost over...but this place will look amazing in the fall...come to Colorado and see us!