Sunday, April 10, 2011

Air Force WIngs!

 Over the next 2 months we will attend 4 graduations....Andrea will get her Bachelors for U of Colorado , Pueblo on May 7th....Katelin will graduate from U of Colorado, Colorado Springs on May 20th and Matt from U of Phoenix on June 18th....and the first one we attended on April 8th....Charlie's graduation from Pilot School at the Air Force base in Columbus, MS.
 This day was made for Charlie! A culmination of a childhood dream and years of academic focus to not only be selected to attend the Air force Academy in Colorado Springs, but to earn a spot to become an Air Force Aviator!
Katelin is super proud of her future husband!

Charlie receiving his WINGS!

Katelin pinning Charlie with HIS WINGS!
This is the jet Charlie trained in

 This is the one he will fly....a C5 Galaxy....the military's largest aircraft.....
6 stories high and a football field long. It has 28 wheels!
 Charlie and Katelin will be stationed at Travis AFB, in California....right next to Napa Valley and San Francisco!  Can you say..."We are coming to visit!"
We are proud of both Charlie and Katelin!

Charlie made a us a wall sized plaque to show his appreciation for sponsoring him from the Academy....we were a part of his dream!

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